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Rafał Paweł Wierzchosławski, philosopher (areas of interest: general methodology of science, philosophy of social sciences and humanities, political philosophy, sociology of scientific knowledge). He teaches philosophical subjects for the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the Faculty of History of Adam Mickiewicz University. Translator, among othersThe green philosophy of Roger Scruton (Poznań: Zysk i S-ka 2017), Herman Schmalenbach, On the sociological category of covenant (Warsaw: Scholar 2022), and recently published on the issue of post-truth: "Scientists as experts: on some problems of (re-)presentation of truth in politics."Issues in Science (2017),  “The Post-Truth Condition and Social Distribution of Knowledge. “On Some Dilemmas with Post-Truth Uses.” IN:History in a Post-Truth World, Theory and Praxis, edited by M. Gudonis and B. T. Jones (Routledge 2020) and "The functioning of science outside the Academy - Protestant science, modernism of choice and expert knowledge". Philosophy and Science (2021).

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